Studio Seizures: When Artists Take Control Of WLOY

From time to time we all lose control. Things get weird. It happens to the best of us. At WLOY it sometimes happens to the whole studio. These are the days when we cede control of the station to a wandering band of minstrels and their uncontrolled impulses. For the better part of an hour, or more if the police are slow to arrive, the jolly minstrels will be in complete charge of the station and it’s programming. Our terrified staffers will do their bidding, play their music and try not to ask too probing questions. All we can say is that it’s not our fault! This is STUDIO SEIZURE!

BONUS! This section now also includes the Quarantine Takeover shows that we have been producing remotely with artists since they cannot access the station during the COVID-19 Pandemic. These are shows along the lines of the Studio Seizure but entirely produced remotely by the artists. For which we are very grateful!

Special thank you to the guys in Future Islands for asking to do this originally and causing us to turn it into a regular show!

Date Seized By Recording
10/27/20 Doc Pine & Bobby Halloween Coming Sooooooon
10/13/20 Queen Kyla Vera
09/29/20 Liminal Drifter
09/22/20 High on Stress Volume 2
09/15/20 High on Stress
09/08/20 Franklin Gotham
09/01/20 Doc Pine & Bobby Return
08/25/20 Red Sammy
07/28/20 Saleem
07/21/20 Doc Pine & Bobby
07/07/20 7th Order
06/28/20 Dead Air
06/23/20 Patrick Jaouen Band
06/16/20 Surf Harp (2 hours)
06/09/20 Bray
05/26/20 B.Newb
05/19/20 Matt Muirhead
05/12/20 Breakforth
05/05/20 Lockemy
^ Quarantine Takeover Shows ^
07/29/19 The Holy Circle
05/27/19 Tom Diventi
03/11/19 Jon Winslow
11/05/18 Modern Nomad
10/29/18 Mark Hopkins
10/22/18 Matt Muirhead
10/15/18 Spirit Parade
10/01/18 JPope and the HearNow
09/24/18 Bosley Hour 1
09/24/18 Bosley Hour 2
08/15/18 Guts Club
07/30/18 Jackie Cohen
04/09/18 The Crowning
02/26/18 James Von Lenz
01/05/18 In Memory of Jim Forrester
11/6/17 BIRDS
6/26/17 Rodney Anonymous Hour 1
6/26/17 Rodney Anonymous Hour 2
5/8/17 Don Broco
4/17/17 Sweet Leda Hour 1
4/17/17 Sweet Leda Hour 2
3/20/17 Femi the Drifish No Audio, Sorry!
3/4/17 Heart For Hire No Audio, Sorry!
2/21/17 Mongolodian Glow
2/14/17 Stacked Like Pancakes
12/19/16 The Get Smart
11/11/16 Nalani & Sarina
10/07/16 Gooch Palms No Audio, Sorry!
09/25/16 The Sheepdogs
09/09/16 Metalachi
09/06/16 Skribe
06/09/16 Staunton No Audio, Sorry!
06/02/16 Great Heights Band No Audio, Sorry!
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